You don’t have to believe in yourself… to start!
That’s right!

You don’t! Because I believe in YOU!
Yes, I truly do!

Let’s be real for a minute.

If you wait to start any health journey, self-development journey, or weight loss journey… you may think you have to believe in your capabilities to stay committed first…

to keep going…

to put the work in…

to be able to keep up with the tasks, nutrition, or workout plan…

I often encounter women who have tried every plan, and every diet under the sun.. they have been disappointed many times, so it’s difficult for them to trust another method, or another plan. 

However, even more often I encounter women who have their biggest trust issues towards themselves.  

They are still stuck in their binging tendencies .. they still can’t figure out a wellness routine that is sustainable.

So they create a story that they are not capable of changing. 

They stop believing in themselves or their potential. 

Over time more stories are created. They start telling themselves that they are even destined to stay unhealthy, overweight, and unhappy. 


That’s just a story and nothing else! 

Even though it’s just a story, it may feel real to you. It’s very hard to re-write your story when you hold that same pen you held for years…

So don’t worry if you can’t believe in yourself (just yet), because I BELIEVE IN YOU!

You don’t have to believe in yourself, but let me believe in you! 

You may ask.. how can I be so certain about your potential?

Well.. because I’ve seen too many incredible transformations to think otherwise.  

frownI’ve seen a woman who was starving herself for years to the point of malnutrition. She couldn’t believe she will never be scared of food or won’t see food as a weight gain monster. 

laughingAnd now.. she texts me every day saying how much she loves food and how amazing it is to feel so energized, healthy, and have no brain fog anymore! 

frownI’ve seen a woman with 30 years of eating disorders who never thought she can eat intuitively and trust her hunger cues. 

laughingAnd now she is one of the most inspirational people who is fit and healthy and lost 50 lbs through eating intuitively! 

frownI’ve seen a woman who had huge traumas from abusive parents and partners with an embedded belief that she can never be worthy of the dream body or can ever be able to accept the compliment.  

laughingAnd now she lost over 70 lbs this year so far, is enjoying activities like hiking and swimming in the sea she never dared to dream about… and she finally smiles and accepts the endless compliments she gets! (She finally started thinking of dating again after 15 years too!) 

frownI’ve seen a woman with 5 kids thinking about divorce as she couldn’t connect or be truthful to her husband. 

laughingAnd now they are bonded more than ever, able to express each other’s fears and support one another!  

frownI’ve seen a woman who couldn’t leave her house because of paralyzing social anxiety and huge insecurities.  

laughingAnd now she is part of a few women’s groups socializing, sharing, and trusting her voice again! 

Trust me, I can continue for quite a few more paragraphs.. but with a 3-sec attention span nowadays I am impressed if you even got hereinnocent.

So don’t wait for that magical moment when you feel ready, when you feel committed, when you feel worthy, or when you feel capable… 

Just start and remember that I DO BELIEVE IN YOU!

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Yours truly,