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Helping women to lose weight, regain their self-worth, and become their highest self!

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 Do you want to be a part of a supportive vegan women’s community and transform your body and mind on a plant-based diet?

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Highly Personalized Online Coaching

We provide highly personalized online coaching programs serving women all over the world.
Wellness is so multifaceted and we believe all health starts in our heads. As such, our programs are very holistic and comprehensive to reflect all areas of wellness.


These include:

🌱  Understanding plant-based nutrition and learning how to nourish your body with love. We are advocates of 100% lifestyle, 0% diet.

🌱  Finding your joy in movement. Whether you are training at home, the gym or outside – you will get a tailored workout program to suit your goals, abilities and lifestyle.

🌱  Mindset work, healing and letting go of self-sabotage and self limiting beliefs.

🌱  Incorporating new positive habits and daily rituals into your lifestyle, such as yoga and meditation.

🌱  Working closely with Jana – our vegan nutritionist.

🌱  Providing personalized meal plans to suit your taste, goals and lifestyle.

🌱  The ability to connect, share and engage with the like-minded women all over the world through our special client only community.

🌱  Super high level support, accountability and motivation to ensure you stay on course and fast track you towards your goals.

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