Meet the Team

Meet the Team Members of Conscious Fit Coaches – we are so proud of each and everyone of them.

These women are real experts in their field and have very big and caring hearts! We thought you may want to get to know them better.


Our clients are guided not just by us but they get advice, trainings and so much more from the whole CFC team.
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Rachel is a plant-based nutritionist who specialises in autoimmune conditions, particularly gut related. Her background in nutrition was focused on helping people prepare for a healthy plant-based pregnancy until her own experience with Crohn’s disease led to a refocus in her own clinic.

Over 5 years of working in health stores in Ireland has given Rachel the tools to understand the supplement industry and how to choose the highest quality products for your health.

Graduated from the Institute Of Health Sciences Ireland as a Nutritional Therapist, Rachel is passionate about helping people get to the root cause of their symptoms.

Rachel’s work is heavily focused on investigating why a person is experiencing specific health struggles that are holding them back from living their life to the full.

yoga teacher


Gabi Dal Ponte is a Yoga practitioner since 2002 and became a teacher back in 2007.

She has three certifications from different schools including Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga in São Paulo/2007, London/2011 and Montreal/2021 and she never stops studying, recycling and being curious about this ancient and beautiful philosophy. In her classes she likes to work with the Iyengar alignment and the flowing and freedom of Vinyasa yoga.

Gabi is also an Acroyoga level 2 instructor and enthusiast since 2010 and loves to share what she believes can change the world with live, connection and kindness.

She’s an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist since 2005 and went to India to study the arts of Ayurvedic medicine.

She also believes that Yoga won’t heal everything but will make the path much more smoother, aware, fun, colorful and amazing.

Gabi is Brazilian and is currently living in Paris.

fitness coach


Bianca is our dedicated fitness coach (and Yoga teacher outside of the CFC family). She is fascinated by human anatomy and always keen to expand her knowledge. With the initial intention to improve her own training, she got her fitness coaching license in 2014 at ‘Intelligent Strength- Institute for physical education’ (Vienna); and only few years later her Yoga teacher certificate at ‘ONE Yoga Academy’ (Vienna).

In 2019 she finally turned her passion into her profession. Seeing clients stepping into their power and improving their lives makes her truly happy. Besides creating the personalised workout schedules, she also does 1:1 and group virtual trainings with our clients. Recently she also started hosting a monthly ‘Healthy Habits Lab’ where she discusses limiting behaviour- and thought patterns with the aim to transform them into new, more life enhancing habits.

client group facilitator


Claire has experienced her own transformative journey over the years and it has allowed her to reach the balanced and positive life she leads today. After many years in the corporate world, with a focus in business and marketing communication for the IT industry, she realized that a good career was not enough to be fulfilled. Her belief is that there is space for balance in everyone’s life.

Sometimes big changes are needed, sometimes small ones are enough. Claire loves to lead group activities such as the Sisterhood Hour, Book Club and The Morning Routine group call to give the CFC clients additional tools and support through their wellness journey.

In her free time, Claire loves to take advantage of living in Colorado. She enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, and traveling as much as she can.

virtual assistant


Daiva is a marketing bee and a face behind Conscious Fit Coaches business operations. 

With a degree in Marketing and Arts she has developed a variety of skills needed to support any small to medium scale business. 

Daiva is also a huge advocate and activist for climate crisis mitigation. She loves working for Conscious Fit Coaches as they embody the necessary shift in perspective and diet to stop damage of our planet. 

Daiva is also the one and only sister of Vaida so this makes her care for business even more. Strong family relations, mindful business attitude and care for our wellbeing drives Daiva’s motivation to help CFC on their daily journey and take time off their hands so they can fully focus on helping their clients.