“ I recently finished the Conscious Fit Coaching program. Truthfully, I gained so much more than I lost.

Let me explain…
When I began the program, I was not in a good place. I was frustrated that no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to lose the weight I had gained over the past year. I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time, but my life was stagnant in all areas.
First of all, Vaida and Scott are completely non-judgmental. They offer you accountability while being supportive and understanding at the same time.
They have a wonderful team working with them. I loved working with each and every one of them.
Scott and Vaida provided incredibly helpful information throughout the program. What they offer to their clients is about so much more than losing weight. It’s about overall well-being – mind, body, and spirit.
I, eventually, came to realize that I had everything I needed to succeed, in all aspects of my life, inside of me already, I just needed help uncorking it and setting it free…that’s where Vaida and Scott and their amazing program stepped in!
I stopped focusing on the weight pretty early on. My body was beginning to change, and I felt better about myself than I had in a while and suddenly, the number on the scale didn’t matter so much. I stopped weighing myself a few weeks in and I haven’t weighed myself since. I know that I feel better and that is what’s important to me now.
It is no coincidence that since finishing the program, I am flourishing in all aspects of my life. My business has completely turned around. My energy is back where it needs to be. Everything has expanded. That’s the wonderful side effect of this “weight loss” program.
It is absolutely amazing to me that Vaida & Scott allow you to stay in the “family” even after you are done with the program. This is something I have never experienced with any other coaching program before. You have access to all of the group activities, even after you are done with your 16 weeks. That, in and of itself, shows you that they really care about their clients and it’s not just about bringing in revenue.
I am forever grateful for Scott & Vaida and this beautiful coaching program they have lovingly put together. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you are considering it, you will not regret going for it. It could change your whole life.


Four months ago I was in a deep, dark hole that I couldn’t climb out of. I was depressed and hopeless. There was no joy in me. I was in total despair. I was starving myself and gaining weight despite the starvation. I had zero energy. I was totally overwhelmed with life. I took a chance and took the first step by joining the program. It was the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself! Looking back I dont even know that person that I was 16 weeks ago. Now I’m happy when I wake up…I’m even happy when I go to work. I’m happy when I come home…I’m happy almost ALL the time! I just feel so much love and gratitude that wants to pour out of me. My husband notices a huge difference! The support that I received from all of the CFC team really made a difference! They supply us with all of the tools for success and then it’s up to us to pick up those tools and put them into action! I’m excited to say that I am continuing on to phase two of this journey. I enter into this next chapter filled with SO much love and gratitude for this amazing and life changing program! Happiness and success are within our reach! If you’re thinking about joining the program…. be like Nike and “JUST DO IT!” It is sooooo worth the investment. Let me rephrase that…. YOU are so worth the investment!!! I’m glad I did this for myself!.”


“Through changing my lifestyle and eating habits I healed:

Irritable bowel syndrome
Heart Palpitations

Being a part of this programme helped me get through some very tough changes in my life. The personal support I received from Scott and vaida was fantastic, it felt so easy to open up to them with what I was going through. It was an authentic relationship. I feel so fortunate to know them both. It’s been a good year since I completed the programme (which was way beyond my expectations) it opened me up to a whole new plant based world and community.


About 18 weeks ago, I was in a complete funk. Wondering what the point of it all was. I’d tried so many times to address issues within and outside of myself and nothing had helped. I was exhausted; sad; lonely; stressed; anxious; all those lovely things! I was scrolling through the never-ending “look how great my life is/how I’ve got my 💩 together” posts and saw one for Conscious Fit Coaches.
What’s changed? So much! I live louder. I take up space. I am here. Yoo hoooo!! Those close to me have noticed the difference. I have confidence. I have a “heck, yeah, I can do that!” attitude. Seismic shift from the woman who didn’t want to be noticed, or take part in anything, or do anything unless I knew I could complete it 100% perfectly.


“Conscious fit coaches truly is such an inner body and outer body coaching experience. Whether using it to grow physically stronger, OR as a therapy to aid your mental health, body, and mind, CFC has been an incredible help in my life through it all, and I am forever grateful that I found Scott and Vaida. I know that their coaching is something I will keep in my life moving forward because I know that no matter what problem I may be struggling with, this amazing program will provide the most genuine guidance and help to assist me in finding myself again, mentally and physically, and I can not thank you both enough for that.”


“I just wanted to share with you all. That I just had my year anniversary with CFC. And over that year I have had so many wins. My physical wins: I went from a tight size 12, to a comfy size 8 (US sizes) and my arms, abs, and legs are becoming more toned. My mental wins: I went from serve panic attacks and taking meds to very little anxiety and no meds at all. And my depression is non-existent. My emotional wins: I am happy and make time to play with my seven-year-old son, when before I was always crying and laying bed.“


“I’ve lost 40 lbs! And I no longer have to diet, I no longer have to be anything for anyone else. I have found balance, peace, and serenity and all through hard work and the one call to Vaida and Scott that was my message from the universe that I was looking for. I am forever grateful to this wonderful community of strong women that allow me to show up “as is” and cheer me on when I’m doing well and hold me in their thoughts when I am doing not so well..“