“Scott changed my life and showed me how to love training. Not only that, he most importantly showed me how to be secure about myself and love my body. I appreciate it. Cant thank you enough.”


“Its all about the plant power and the plant powered PT. Can’t thank you enough for all your guidance, advice and help keeping me motivated! Not only am I now in the best shape I have been in in my life, I have a much better mindset about fitness and nutrition. Now I know why all the years yo-yo diets and diets in general have never worked! I am delighted with my results and it really does show you can achieve your goals if you put the hard work in, change your mindset and invest in a good personal trainer. Thank you for everything.”


“Scott was not my first PT and he wont be the last, but I don’t think I’ll find one better. Better on all levels. Professionalism, knowledge and ability to connect with the client and their needs. Don’t miss your chance to work with Scott. You wont regret it and your body and mind will be much better for it.”


"Vaida is an exceptional trainer. She is focussed, thoughtful and above all will tailor her sessions to your individual needs. She also has a good sense of humour and is fun to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough. "


"Scott, thank you for everything you have done for us. You are an amazing coach and lovely person. I’ve rarely encountered someone who cares so much about others, about the world we live in and about truly being good.”


"Vaida uses an individualised approach to supporting her clients to understand more about effective weight management, whilst increasing fitness levels and general wellbeing. Her enthusiasm and natural teaching style helped me to enjoy exercise and increase my personal motivation. Thanks!”



“I absolutely love Vaida. I had a knee injury that put me off working out for a long time and with Vaida, the pain has entirely vanished. Her form and her teaching are of the highest quality. I recommend her very highly and if I could rate her 10 stars I would!”


“Vaida introduced a new way of thinking about foods combined with exercise. I feel motivated everyday with my new thinking. Vaida has inspired me to be focused. I have lost 1 stone and 10cm around my waist. This pushed me to keep on the path I am going”