If you experience ANXIETY, read this:

Do you have an agenda or an end goal when you dance?

Or when you sing?

Or when you play with your dog?

You just do it. Just because you enjoy it.

You live in a moment. Right?

Well… that’s exactly what this popular saying LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT means!

This way of living, this ONE thing – living in the present moment – can be your savior and solution to an anxiety-free life.

There are so many practices out there offering to reduce stress and anxiety. And they are great.

But why do they not always help?

Because they are just an extra addition to an already long anxiety to-do list.

Anxiety wants to know what’s next.

Anxiety creates a hundred-and-one scenario of what can go wrong tomorrow.

Anxiety believes those imaginative scenarios to be true.

Anxiety does not live in NOW. It lives in Tomorrow.

So when you bring your full focus into NOW (that’s the only thing you truly have and experience anyway), you automatically take anxiety out of the equation, you simply live in the space and time where anxiety just doesn’t exist.

NOW you are safe.

NOW you can breathe.

NOW you just are.

There is nothing wrong with NOW, right?.

Feel it? If you are really here and now, you are OK.

Not every moment in life is like dancing or playing with a pet though.

However, you can still be present when you work, drive, or do your grocery shopping.

If you feel your mind wandering and spiraling into all possible future scenarios and feeling that heart rate going up… bring your undivided attention to NOW. If you are driving – what is the texture of your steering wheel, what kind of smell you can feel, what can you see through the window?

Living in the present moment is not as easy as it sounds, but you can practice and build that ‘presence muscle’ over time. Later it will feel more and more natural and all life will start feeling more like a dance floor.

You won’t be rushing to get to a certain spot on a dance floor, you will simply enjoy the dance.

We’re here to help 💚

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