Some think, having a wellness coach will be like having a lovely beach holiday. But here’s the twist. 

You think you’ll have friendly company to chill by the water and read books together.

Well, maybe that’s true for the first stage, which I call building trust.

Like any relationship, establishing a safe space for honest communication is paramount.

So in a coaching situation, it’s getting to know you better and doing your lifestyle audit stage.

But then, once that safety and trust are established, the beach holiday becomes an epic adventure.


When you’re ready, I offer to go wakeboarding or jet-skiing.

In coaching terms, I help you to find courage and strength in challenging yourself.

This can mean starting your workout regimen, trusting your will and abilities to become consistent.

Later you start prioritizing yourself and your healthy practices, making you conscious of your nutrition, sleep, stress management, ”me time”, etc.



When you move your body, you automatically want nutritious food to support that. When you eat healthily, you build more energy. When you create more energy, you are more productive and have fewer procrastination tendencies, leading to good sleep. If you sleep well, you wake up rested and ready for a good workout. And here you are – YOU HAVE A NICE HEALTHY ROUTINE UNDER YOUR BELT.

Then… I invite you to go diving.

It requires taking action and facing the fears of that unknown underwater world.

In coaching terms, I guide and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.

This can mean deep mindset work, such as shadow work, uncovering root causes, self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs, and traumas.
As a result, you are on a path of self-discovery and self-development.

Awareness and understanding of where your struggles stem from now give you a chance to make a conscious change. You can finally start seeing your blind spots and are ready to heal those destructive patterns and behaviours.

And then, I will take you on a strenuous hike up a massive mountain on our island.

On the way up, we encounter many challenges.

Sometimes we slip and fall back; sometimes, we go to the river with a broken bridge and must take a massive detour.
Sometimes we get exhausted.

However, we have each other; therefore, we never give up. We dust ourselves off, and up we go!

In coaching terms, this means embracing the journey where life throws you curveballs, such as a sick family member, heartbreak, increased work hours, etc.
You learn not to strive for perfection but to enjoy the journey with all its ups and downs.

You feel supported, so you learn never to give up.

As a result, you start building a life you truly deserve and desire. With your new commitment and determination, you create unbreakable self-worth and self-love.

You automatically choose what’s best for you when you truly love yourself.

You nourish yourself with the healthiest foods, move your body because you want to celebrate and fulfil its potential, finally find yourself in a relationship and job reflecting your passions and authenticity and live life with a purpose in alignment with your core values and needs.

Then we get to the top of the mountain. I hand you binoculars.

This makes you realize that there are so many more islands around you. You are stoked to go and explore all those things you never knew existed.

In coaching terms, I help you shift your perspective and see things and yourself differently.

You get so excited to know what else you can do because now you truly know you are more than ever allowed to be yourself. You want to try new hobbies, be fit and confident to travel and go after those dreams you were not allowing yourself to even dream about.

And off you go.. another mountain, another journey inducing your never-ending growth.

Now your healthy lifestyle is sustainable. You are ready to continue your wellness journey for life with an immense sense of adventure and joy in your heart.

Does that sound like a happy ending? Maybe, but remember, the journey continues. More mountains and challenges will always be ahead, but now you are strong and ready!

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