So what does HOLISTIC HEALTH even mean?

7-10 years ago even I would raise an eyebrow hearing the term ‘holistic health’…

Many of us have been conditioned and taught that if we have a toothache we go to the dentist, if we break a leg we go to an orthopedic doctor..

However, have we been taught where to go when we have a broken heart.. or confused mind or anxious thought patterns that stop us from leaving the bed in the morning?

Have we been taught who we can talk to when we have zero motivation and drive, even if we read 10 books and visit every website on the matter, we still can’t make ourselves put that knowledge into practice.. ?

It’s not only that we were not taught about these things called emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, and overall wellness..

But for so long we’ve been put to shame for expressing our vulnerability and emotions..

If we can’t tell what we are going through,  if we don’t know how to heal from the inside.. What do we do then?

If we don’t know how to heal and soothe ourselves healthily…

frownWe numb (alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, social media, tv series, binge eating).

frownWe hide (people pleasing, expensive clothes, work status and all other masks we wear to hide the void inside).

As a consequence, we get sicker and less and less motivated.. we detach from our real values and authentic self.

Good news though – awareness is finally rising ♡

We do talk openly about mental health, we do talk about relationships, attachment styles, and traumas.

We do not separate physical health from other vital components of wellness anymore.

We simply can’t!

An inclusive, comprehensive approach to all aspects of wellness is HOLISTIC HEALTH.

kissWe remember to breathe and have a quiet time to step out of ‘auto-pilot’ mode and relax that monkey mind.

kissWe remember to spend time in nature. To ground. To BE and not only DO.

kissWe remember to ask ourselves how we are feeling today and listen to our bodies.

kissWe remember to validate all our emotions and don’t hide our anger, frustration, or sadness.

kissWe remember to be honest with ourselves when checking if our job and relationships align with our values.

If we want a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we have to look at it holistically!

And here is an official definition of the term ‘holistic’:


characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Hope now HOLISTIC HEALTH doesn’t sound ‘woo woo’ anymore and you are ready to address all areas of wellness in your personal journey as well!

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