Do not pick another apple from the same tree, if the first one was already rotten…

Stay with me in this metaphor and you’ll see a possible reason why you WORK SO HARD but still feel STUCK without fully fulfilling your health and fitness goals.

Back to apples…

Choose another tree or even better – another garden.


Go to the roots of the tree and heal it from there.

If we don’t change our environment and don’t go to the root of what caused that apple to rot in the first place, we constantly will be going from one rotten thing to another, stuck in a vicious cycle.

The tree is infected. Therefore, we must treat it from the core, otherwise, we will constantly be getting rotten apples no matter how hard we work to climb all the way up to the top, getting scratched, making our way from branch to branch looking for another opportunity, another way…

This metaphor helps me to describe the inner mindset work we must be doing and the importance of the environment we live in.

If you have a bad relationship with food such as binging tendencies or seeing food as the enemy, diets won’t ever help.

When you go from binging to starving and punishing yourself, you just go from one rotten apple to another.

You must work from within and become aware of what caused that unhealthy relationship with food to form.

It is a long journey, peeling layers and getting to the root core. Not an easy journey either.. However, 100% necessary! 

In addition, the environment we live in must be supportive and conducive to growth.

Imagine that you are trying to get sober, but your friends and family drink every day.. Your weekends always involve drinking related gatherings and social events. Would that be helpful? I don’t think so.

Realizing this (as hard as it is to distance yourself from perceived friends), it is important to choose another tree or another garden… where you can plant your own healthy living seeds.

Curious to hear what stage you are in on your wellness journey.. Do you feel you need to find those roots or another garden..?

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