Not living in the present moment is like wearing only shoes and a hat…

and forgetting the rest.

That’s how I would describe constantly living in the past or the future… forgetting the only thing you truly have – the presence.

Let’s talk about ‘wearing only shoes’.. – aka living in the past. How often do you tell yourself:

  • I have ALWAYS been eating too much..
  • I will NEVER be able to change..
  • I’ve never been good at exercise..
  • I just can’t control what I eat
  • I was just always confused about what I needed to do in order to be healthy..

When you talk to yourself like this, you are reasserting and reaffirming the past, therefore manifesting the same past patterns into the present..

Just because you had certain experiences in the past (even if there were multiple ones), it DOES NOT MEAN that you’re destined to be that way forever!

You will be though… If you choose to believe that to be ‘your destiny’.

You must start thinking differently, in order to manifest different results rather than repeating the past! 

Side note:

Also, pay attention to the words like ALWAYS and NEVER. They have a very heavy charge… and if you repeat it and believe in ‘always’ or ‘never’, inevitably you will be recreating the same past scenarios into your presence .. be careful and mindful of the words you use… words have power and leave an imprint in your mind!

So what about ‘wearing only a hat’ – aka living in the future.

Oooff.. that’s even heavier.. that’s where anxiety loves to reside.. creating all those imaginative negative scenarios driving you crazy.. creating A REAL fear in your body and mind..

The thing is, that your body and mind doesn’t know the difference between what is happening and what you are imagining to be happening..

Side note:
check the research on neuroplasticity and Dr. Joe Dispenza work.

So when you live in that future scenario (especially the negative one), you create real fear and doubt… you can really feel it even physically.

When you envision that stressful meeting with your boss or a fight with your partner, you can feel that pain in your stomach, in your throat… you can truly feel the anger and rage and disappointment.. even if that vision is just that – a vision! 

…And because you can truly feel that emotion in your body and mind, you can completely detach from the presence.. and dwell in that imaginative world, totally disregarding your safe and calm environment in that given moment.

So now I come to my point here.. why living in the present is so important!

Why cultivating mindfulness practices for grounding and dropping you into the present moment is crucial!

Breathwork, yoga, meditation, mindful walking, body scans.. all of it and more is a huge part of our wellbeing.

That’s the essence of mindfulness. Living in the present moment, where you are not hindered by your past experiences or imaginative future scenarios!

Where you are aware of how you truly feel right here right now… where you can recognize your true authentic emotions, where you can tune in to your intuition.

Where you can CHOOSE what you want for yourself.

The concept of mindfulness and conscious living still can sound like a woo-woo or blah-blah kind of concept for many… just trendy beautiful new-age words.

But if you take a minute to see what it truly means… it can actually change your life!

So next time you go out… still put your shoes and a hat on if you like.. but do not forget the rest!wink

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