How fitness led me to spirituality and why do I put spirituality into practice every day now?

The short answer – spirituality is one of the pieces in a wellness jigsaw puzzle and without it, the full picture would never be completed. 

If I focus only on aesthetics, aka only the physical aspect, I never will have sustainable results.

Why? – you may think…

Because well-being is a complicated web with many strings and threads interlinked and working together in order to create one functional world.

In the past, when I was mainly focused on my physical wellness and fitness goals only, it felt like I could never sustain it.


It felt like work.

It felt even like a chore sometimes.

Now I know why!

Because other aspects of my well-being were neglected and, consequently, were not interlinked nor working in union with my physical goals.


Just think about it…

If I go to the gym every day and make sure my fitness is my priority, but then I go home and:

Eat unhealthily

Surround myself with people who are not supportive or like-minded

Feel drained and unaligned

And the most important thing – I am not aware of all of it. As a consequence, I think something is wrong with me, perhaps I should go to the gym twice a day now…

But then!

Instead of going to the gym twice a day,

I started going WITHIN…

I took my time to sit in stillness.

I started listening to my heart.

It felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes.

I started seeing that web of my whole well-being.

I changed my habits, I even stepped away from my friends who were not on the same journey as I was.

Yes! Practicing spirituality made me want to eat healthy, made me stop smoking, it led me to people who became my inspirational teachers.

Spirituality for me is simply a practice of connecting to my own heart and my highest self.

My heart always knows what serves me and what poisons me.

No, you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Yes, you also can be religious and spiritual.

Spirituality is not about labels, rules, or dogmas.

Spirituality connects you to God/Source/Spirit/Universe/Life.. you call it however YOU want to call it.

That’s why now mindfulness and spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are part of my everyday life.

It keeps me centered and grounded.

It encourages me to be my authentic self.

It shows me all the things I’ve been hiding from and need to heal.

Being spiritual is being awake and alive.

That’s why mindfulness practices and deep mindset work is the main aspect of our coaching too.

That’s what uncovers the root causes of the client’s struggles, addictions, and disorders.

That’s what leads them into self-discovery and loving themselves again.

That’s what ensures sustainability and gifts them a healthy happy life.

Tell me –

Is spirituality part of your life?

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