Showing your happiness and positivity can push people away…
It can even make you feel isolated or appear as a struggle to connect with others.

Especially when you stand strongly for something and show positive sides of it.

People know the struggle and suffering way too well.

That can even become a common ground to connect with others.. and ‘understand’ each other. 

Since the beginning of time, humans have been exposed to suffering and hard work.

People working the fields from dawn to dusk.. fighting for survival or meeting their basic needs.

Everything needed to be earned. Not only to have food on a table… but it became almost a norm to earn one’s worth as well.. through achievements, skills, degrees or power. 

So connection to suffering and hardship became an inevitable part of just being human.

Even the biggest spiritual teachers were able to spread their message only through suffering.

Jesus was crucified wearing a crown of thorns.

Buddha living in starvation and poverty.

They were heard and worshiped only then… only when people could meet them in the same familiar frequency… the frequency of suffering…

All spiritual teachers… or anyone in fact… who has a purpose to spread an important message to humanity… actually have a positive, uplifting, or even enlightening perspective of it.

However, positively spread messages are not always being taken seriously … if they just go around and talk about loving your neighbour … taking care of all sentient beings… being the one with nature and treating the Earth like your main and most important home…

So what am I trying to say with all of this…?

Change your frequency! 

You don’t have to be suffering so people care for you’re being seen.. so you take yourself seriously or have the ability to feel self-love and self-compassion. 

So many people fall into victimhood.. into complaining or blaming situations.. 

How they can’t do this or they can’t achieve x or z ..because of this..because of that..   falling into the frequency of poor me…

It’s like children who have emotionally absent parents… who have to throw tantrums just to be seen. Just to be paid attention to. Who sometimes even have to break a leg just so they can feel any love, care or affection.

If you find yourself in situations where you constantly experience hardships or misfortunes..where you find yourself in the same trap of not being able to change your habits, routine, or behavior..

You potentially can be living in that unconscious conditioning.. the unconscious mind that runs the show.. telling you that only through suffering and hard hard work you can be worthy.. 

I also dear to say that it’s ‘easier’…easier not to take responsibility or ownership of your own hardships or inability to create a life you truly want to embody. 

If you live in a positive, self-compassionate, and self-trusting frequency, you inevitably have to take ownership of your reality.

It’s difficult. To admit, to accept that on many occasions it’s you who is holding you back… it’s you who sabotages your own’s you who chose the same things day in and day out over embracing the change and growth. 

In addition, your positive self-trusting persona can also make others angry or judgmental towards you.

But look at it through the eyes of compassion.. that’s people who are in suffering frequency.. they don’t know any better yet.

But you do. Once you have this awareness and belief… well..and balls to take ownership of your life can not only create a beautiful life for yourself..but eventually you also help to change the frequency of humanity…

I just hope that one day we can connect more and more with one another through positive exchanges, big dreams, hopeful and uplifting conversations..and not over suffering, gossip or victimhood.

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