Are you addicted to your own pain and suffering? 

This is a huge and perhaps triggering question… 

But… this is one of the most important questions for you to answer yourself HONESTLY. 

The truthful answer can literally change your life and finally stop your unhealthy habits, addictions, and destructive behaviors. 

Before I portray to you how you may be self-generating your own suffering and sabotaging your success in reaching your goals.. Let’s look at the very common societal tendency – enjoying showing and observing suffering. 

There are multiple reality shows with huge ratings that are focusing on the tragic and sad stories of participants. These types of shows heavily rely on drama and sob stories. 

It’s not a secret that producers can even create fake emotional backstories for gaining sympathy for the person and as it attracts viewers to the show. 

Now I can see why… People are often very addicted and even attracted to suffering.. it can also easily become a ‘reason’ and an excuse why they can’t take action in changing their situation for the better. 

When you feel sorry for yourself, it’s easy to make a decision to have an extra bag of crisps or an extra glass of wine..instead of going for a walk or cooking a healthy meal. 

So let’s talk now about that invisible force that possibly makes you WANT to stay connected to your pain and suffering. 

Please note – it’s not the conscious way of wanting.. It’s a deeply rooted unconscious way of wanting and choosing pain over change. 

That gravitational force of deep seeded habits is part of emotional and mental conditioning. 

Reluctance to change is there because of repetitive suffering associated with the egoic sense of identity. 

There is a reluctance to abandon these unhealthy habits because you feel like abandoning a part of yourself and the ego doesn’t want to die so it’s clinging onto it with a huge force. 

It becomes such a big sense of self that you can’t do anything about it from your logical mind and perceived but fake willingness. 

Nobody can force or make you change, but through this type of awareness and radical honesty that lies underneath your logical mind, you can have an understanding and courage to create a new identity and healthier reality for yourself. 

The new reality without those old destructive habits and conditions, such as: prioritizing others over yourself, over-eating, binging, drinking alcohol, lack of motivation, depression, self-sabotage, etc… 

There are humans who are not ready to evolve… just like an apple hanging on a tree, not ripe enough to fall off yet.. some people are not ready to give up their self-generated emotional and mental suffering. 

They can complain daily though and even beg for help..but when it comes to taking action..they just can’t do it yet. 

For example, we have consultation calls with multiple people on a daily basis who ask for help… there is one (super frustrating) tendency that many people all of the sudden have ’emergencies’ happening 10min before the call should start.. and they cancel it at quite a last minute. 

*I know I have to add a disclaimer here that some of those emergencies are real.. but let’s be honest – most of them are just a huge fear of change. It’s that vast invisible force creating every ‘reason’ to not make it to that call. 

I can even come and say – you have a 100% chance of letting go of that self-generated suffering..I can explain in detail the plan, the vision, and step by step process… And even can choose not to even try. 

One woman managed to be honest and aware, so she said: ‘If I let go of it.. what have I got left’? She was so identified with her own suffering that it was not only her ‘best friend’ but also the most essential part of her sense of self. Therefore, she did not want to let go. 

If you can reach this honesty too..and admit that you are unconsciously choosing to suffer and not let go of habits that are unhealthy.. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s not your conscious’s that unconscious conditioning that you finally becoming to be aware of. 

Side note: Imagine yourself looking at the pond. You see just that surface layer of water and it looks all nice and clear (the conscious mind). However, you can’t see that at the bottom there are poisonous fish contaminating the whole pond (the unconscious mind and conditioning). 

If anything, feel proud of yourself that you reached this place of admittance. Because now you actually CAN build a life and health you truly deserve and desire.

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