You don’t want to be too flexible…

Hear me out!

If you are too flexible, your body doesn’t have its natural boundaries and ‘stop signs’, therefore you can be very prone to injuries.

I used to be a professional dancer for many many years. However, I was never one of those girls who can wrap their legs around the head .. and I was initially jealous.

However, after years of dancing, I was one of only a few who didn’t have many injuries or niggles in the body.

My body had very clear boundaries on how far I could go and was much safer than those with hyperextension in various body parts.

I am not here to talk about how deep we can go into our splits though

I am here to talk about gratitude towards certain limitations we have.

I want to talk about the Achilles heel we all have. We all have that ‘weak spot’, don’t we?

⚠️Some of you are prone to headaches, and even little arguments can trigger it..

⚠️Some of you have weak stomachs and even one sugary croissant can make it hurt..

⚠️Some of you have very sensitive throats and even one cold drink can cause a cough..

We might perceive those weak points as something to be ashamed of or as something negative.

But what if that Achilles heel is our blessing, truly bringing our attention to what we have to focus on, what is healthy, and what is right for our body and mind?

I always had a weak digestive system and many foods made me feel sick and uncomfortable. However, now I see that as a blessing because it led me to learn about nutrition, inflammatory foods, intolerances, and plant-based eating.

I have to be aware of what I eat, otherwise, I will have painful digestive issues. And I am grateful for it.

Perhaps we all have that one friend who can eat whatever she wants and stays slim.. making us feel mad that everything we eat turns straight into body fat…

Now though, I am happy that my body tells me right away that I am overeating (gaining body fat) or eating unhealthy (experiencing digestive issues, skin problems, etc.) and that I am different from that friend who can eat whatever she wants but possibly causing a lot of health issues to herself without even being aware of it.

Our bodies always send us messages and reflect on our actions.

Once we realize that our body has our best interest, we will see all the symptoms such as weight gain, pain, or injuries as a sign of needing a change and bringing focus on what is essential.

Once we are in touch with our body’s wisdom and signs, we will want to take a mindful self-loving action and collaborate with it to get ourselves in the best health possible.

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